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ARTIseals® is the first and ones company in Turkey that produce cap seal liners completely in own facilities.
In this area, we have made our standards decisive by eliminating the problems that arise in the use of convective seals.
In 2013, we started our production in a small hall, and grow up to five times our capacity.
With a daily average of 1 million cap seal production, we offer standard-beyond seals to consumers both abroad and domestically.

 Muhammed AYDIN | CEO


ARTIseals® offers individual solutions

Individual size and shape

Individual size and shape

Do not be restricted by standard seal dimensions. Get to know customized adapted dimensions and individually shapes for your closure.

[all sizes exclusive 20.0-150.0 mm]

Individually printed seal liners

Individually printed seal liners

Customise your sealing liners with your label up to 5 colors flexo Print* or cold press printing.

[Only valid for ARTIsafe®]
* MOQ demanding.

Get free Product with Artipuan®

Get free Product with Artipuan®

For your entire purchase amount within 12 months,
Receive NET 1% of the total amount as a product free of charge.

[Exploit time 3 months/13.-15. Month]

Free machine support

Free machine support

For your promise to consume yearly designated pieces, will induction frequency/seal insertion machines free supported from us.

Roll raw Material

Roll raw Material

Cut your seals in sizes and shapes you want.
Roll width 300/400 mm
Diameter: Ø 600-800 mm
Middle Hub Diameter: Ø 6″ (Ø 150 mm)

Fixed Price Guarantee | Free delivery

Fixed Price Guarantee | Free delivery

For your promise to take a certain quantity to a certain time.
We promise to offer you all products at a fixed price free of shipping charge at the time of your appointment, without any waiting times.




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