Pressure sensitive Seal liner
(no induction)

SELFseal® pressure sensitive seal

Adhesive coated on one side PS Seal liner, seals ONLY by torque activation without need of any special equipment (no induction required) for leaking, manipulationg and contaminating.
Specially designed is SELFseal® for metal closures, where induction (heat sealing) operation can’t applied, offers a safe solution.
Designed for solid, dry and liquid products on glass and all polymer or metal bottles.


  • requires NO induction NO any device
  • extends durability and consumption time
  • protects against leakage
  • prevents tampering
  • gives confidence to end consumer
  • prevents loss of aroma and taste
  • extends transportation range
  • suitable for a wide range of application areas


  • contents of liquid, solid, powder
  • Food packaging industries
  • Industrial packaging industries
  • Medical packaging industries
  • Cosmetic packaging industries
  • Oil/Chemical packaging industries
  • Food contact approval (according EC-No. 10/2011)

Just in few steps safety tamper sealing…

 SELFseal™ liner will insert in cap that the lettering print is not visible (imprinting the direction of closure)
After bottling will apply the cap on bottle.
Wet residues on rim of bottle during bottling are NOT obstacle for a
property sealing.
For the activation of the sealing process the cap have to be screwed properly. The sealing layer is activated by the pressure between the cap and container.
The container sealing is now successful sealed without any induction processFor an optimal sealwe recommend a waiting period of about 12-24 hours.

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