Two piece Induction Seal

ARTIsafe® Induction heat seal

On packaging industry sector is impossible imagine to sealing of containers of any kind with the help of foil seal. The Food sector as well as the packaging of chemicals has proven sealing by induction. The high breakthrough of the inductive sealing makes this clean, friendly and durable type of packaging extremely economical.
Sealing foil made of plastic-coated aluminium offers good barrier properties. It also guarantees the clean, friendly and at the same time fixed and permanent sealing of containers. Inductive seals serves, containers made of Polymer and Glass with different content, hermetically to seal. In most cases the seal consist of three layers, witch allow the inductive sealing.

In addition to standardized solutions, we develop OEM products that are precisely adapted to the requirements of your application.


  • extended durability and consumption time
  • protects against leakage
  • prevents tampering
  • prevented loss of aroma and taste
  • extended transportation range
  • suitable for a wide range of application areas


  • contents of liquid, solid, powder
  • Food packaging industries
  • Industrial packaging
  • Medical packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging industries
  • Oil/Chemical packaging industries
  • Food contact approval (according EC-No. 10/2011)

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